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Since 1977, Mirazeite has been focused on the production and packaging of olive oils, oils and food seasonings in accordance with the best food safety practices, thus contributing to a continued commitment to presenting safe products to the market.

Mirazeite is a company focused on innovation and continuous improvement, strongly investing on the quality and safety of our products. The company asserts its commitment to implementing the Food Safety Management System, being committed to demanding professional ethics.


Thus, the guiding principles of Mirazeite are:

  • Focus on the commitment to satisfying the obligations and requirements demanded by the customer, legal and regulatory structures, in particular in the field of food safety.

  • Promote the development of adequate skills in food safety, encouraging teamwork;

  • Ensure active communication with customers and other interested parties, in order to contribute to the effectiveness of communication and the satisfaction of their expectations;

  • Raise the standards of rigor, punctuality and reliability of the service with customers;

  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the food safety management system;

  • Optimize manufacturing processes in order to contribute to the improvement of environmental conditions, through the proper use of resources, as well as the correct direction of waste resulting from activities


By complying with these principles, Mirazeite strives to guarantee an image of credibility and professionalism oriented towards Food Safety and on the satisfaction of its customers and other interested parties.

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